Learn With Pokemon: A Typing Adventure Unboxing & Gameplay Videos

Learn with Pokemon: A Typing of Adventure is the latest ‘Pokemon’ themed game to be released within Europe and its the first game that includes a reasonably sized QWERTY Keyboard thats for use with the Nintendo DS / 3DS Consoles.

The aim of Learn With Pokemon: A Typing Adventure, or Pokemon: Typing Adventure for short, is to reasearch pokemon by typing their names – this can be done via the included QWERTY Keyboard or by using the touch-screen on the DS itself.

The game starts off very simplistic by asking players to enter the first letter of a Pokemon’s name, for instance – if a Pikachu appeared – all you need to do is enter P, however during the cource of the game you’ll be asked to enter more letters – until finally you have to type the pokemon’s full name.

The game itself can be extremely short, as i completed the main quest in well under 2 hours, however it does offer a variety of different styles of gameplay, such as Boss Battles, Never ending walks and hidden routes. Another part of the game is where name’s of Pokemon aren’t displayed and its up to the player to name them, so if you are familar with Pokemon then the game can be easy, if not it can be difficult.

During the course of the game players can reasearch over 400 different Pokemon and all of them, with the exception for Boss Battles, will appear at random times, so each gameplay route is never the same, which is a good thing as it adds more replay value to the people who want to ‘catch them all’.

Gameplay aside the main attraction is the Nintendo Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard – as the keyboard is reasonably sized, takes 2x AA Batteries and feels extremely comfortable to use- but more importantly it can be used with multiple bluetooth compatible devices, including the iPad & Playstation 3, which i’ve demonstrated here.

In my personal oppinion Learn With Pokemon: A Typing Adventure is worth its current retail price of £44.99 if you plan to use the keyboard on other devices, however the DS Game itself can be rather short-lived – but it does have replay value with over 400 different Pokemon available to reasearch and many routes to explore.