Soul Sacrifice Confirmed for European & American Release

The official Playstation Europe blog has today confirmed that Keiji Inafune’s upcoming PS Vita game, Soul Sacrifice, will be heading to the PS Vita in Europe and America.

Details regarding the ‘overall’ game are still a bit sketchy, however we do know that players will be able to use different styles of magic, such as the Excalibur. These ‘powerful’ attacks are pulled off by sacrificing souls collected from within the game.

In addition to the news of the game bing released in Europe and America, Keiji Inafune revealed more details and ideas behind the game.

What I wanted to illustrate in this game was a “reality blended into a fantasy world”. The word “fantasy” normally points to a story that is fictitious; however, with Soul Sacrifice I wanted to illustrate a “reality” within a fantasy that wasn’t sugar-coated. It’s not about focusing on the strange, but to flip the commonly held concept of what a fantasy theme should be with the concept of “reality”.

Cruelty is a reality in our world, and we have to make sacrifices and pay costs on a daily basis. I wanted to blend this “reality” theme into a fantasy world, one filled with magic, and create a new type of gaming experience that relied on the player making sacrifices in order to obtain great power.

There is a “dark pleasure” lying in between fiction and reality that none of us knew was there. If you simply think of it as a “dark fantasy,” then your expectations will be betrayed – but in a good way. Please look forward to Soul Sacrifice. It will be a game that players around the world will surely enjoy. — Keiji Inafune, Comcept

Soul Sacrifice will be released exclusively onto the PS Vita within the near future.