Sony Annouces Ice White PSP for European Release

Sony has today announced, via the official European Playstation Blog, that the PSP-E1000 is about to get cooler in Europe with the arrival of the Ice White PSP Console.

Several months before the PS Vita was released in Europe Sony released a budget version of the PSP Console, featuring all the power of the PSP 3000, but at half the price. Well it looks like this ‘budget’ PSP was a success as in July Sony will be releasing the Ice White Coloured PSP Console in Europe.

Set for release in July and currently priced at £89.99/€99.99 (RRP), the Ice White PSP-E1000 is a great value summer gaming essential and the best way to access the entire PSP catalogue of games. With a great range of accompanying PSP Essential titles that will be available for £9.99/€9.99 (RRP) each, there has never been a better time to game on the go and enjoy immersive high quality gaming experiences at an affordable price.

In Addition to this a whole range of new PSP Essential games will be released over the course of July, with Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact, a game previously hard to find, being one of the budget games being made available during July.