Frobisher Says! to be Free for all PS Vita Users

Sony has today announced that Frobisher Says! a PS Vita game that was made available to download for PS Vita users who had redeemed their pre-order code, will apparently be made available for all PS Vita users to download.

Basically the standard game will be completely free for all PS Vita users to download, however in order to experience more from the game paid DLC is available for purchase. But from initial repsonce the game is already popular as it is.

For those un-aware Frobisher Says! is a game full of mini-games, similar to Warioware on the Nintendo DS, and is a good game to try out all of the PS Vita’s unique abilities, such as front and rear touch-screens and the microphone. If you own a PS Vita then Frobisher Says! is one game worth checking out.