PixelJunk 4am Beta Goes Live on Playstation Network

The Official Playstation Europe Blog has today revealed that the PixelJunk 4am Beta is now officially live for all Playstation Plus Members.

The PixelJunk 4am Beta allows Playstation Plus members to create your own music using a unique Virtual Audio Canvas to mix tracks, experiment with audio effects and control your composition by using the Playstation Move Control. Additionally you can then stream your performances live to the world via the Playstation Network.

In Order to play the PixelJunk 4am beta you will need a Playstation Move Controller, Playstation Eye Camera and a Playstation Plus Subscription – if you do not have a Playstation Move controller (or Playstation Eye Camera) you can still enjoy the beta by using your Playstation Controller, however you will only be able to view to other players streams.

The PixelJunk 4am Beta is now available to download via the Playstation Network Store, however if you are unsure then check out the official post on the Playstation Europe Blog.