Street Fighter x Tekken Gets 2nd Title Update, Adds Replay Analyzer & Gems

Capcom has recently revealed, via its official Capcom unity blog, that a second title update will be released for Arcade Fighter, Street Fighter x Tekken.

Previously Capcom released a patch which not only fixed the sound issue (when playing online matches) but also included a new tournament mode. Well this new update (or patch) improves upon that by adding a replay analyzer mode, which in turn allows players to analyzer their replays to improve their fighting skills.

In Addition to this update ahost of new gems will also be added to the game,which include three batches of assist gems (which work on both Street Fighter & Tekken characters) as well as six different batches of boost gems (three for Tekken characters, and three for street fighter characters).

The 2nd title update is expected to go live within the next week and it will be made available to both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game.