Gravity Rush Pre-Order DLC Revealed

The Official Playstation Europe Blog has today revealed that anyone who pre-orders Gravity Rush for the PS Vita will recieve a special pre-order bonus in the form of a DLC Code for the game.

According to the article players who pre-order and purchase Gravity Rush will recieve a code to download the Military Mission DLC Pack, which adds two brand new side-missions to the game, two new challenge missions and a brand new costume for the main character Kat.

The Military Mission DLC Pack will Include two new Side Missions entitled ‘Game Rules’ and ‘Visionary courage’ and two challenge missions, entitled ‘Factory Energy Gate Race 2′ and ‘Slide Race in another dimension’. The Military Missions DLC Pack will be available to download from day one, and for free for everyone who pre-order and purchases the game, however the additional content won’t be available to access in-game until certain requirements have been met, for instance in order to play the additional side-missions – episode 17 of the game must be completed.

Gravity Rush will be released exclusively onto the PS Vita on 13th June within Europe.