Resident Evil 6 Gets Expensive Premium Edition in Japan, With Gameplay lasting around 30 Hours

It has today been revealed, via Andriasang, that Resident Evil 6 is to be getting a special ‘Premium Edition’ in Japan where not only a copy of the game is included but people who purchase it will also recieve a real leather jacket, a replica, of the one that Leon wears in the game.

The Premium Edition of Resident Evil 6 will only be available in Japan and via Capcom’s E-Commerce website, however this special bundle will cost 105,000 YEN, which works out at around $1300 / £800.

So what exactly will you get for 105,000 YEN? Well included in the Premium Edition is the following items:

– Resident Evil 6 Game (Standard Copy)
– Real Leather Jacket, a Replica that is worn by Leon in the game (available in S / M / L & XL)
– Set of Four Tablet Cases (Tablet Cases are used in-game to store medical items)

If the premium edition is to expensive for you players who purchase the standard game from Capcom’s E-Commerce Website will also recieve a tablet case, however unlike the Predium Edition players who purchase the standard game will only recieve one of the four cases, with each case been giving out a random – so you won’t know which branded case you will recieve until it arrives.

In Addition the Premium Edition being revealed Eiichiro Sasaki, Resident Evil 6′s Game Director, has recently spoken to NowGamer stating that even though Resident Evil 6 is shorter than Resident Evil 5, in terms of story length, the game itself will offer around 30 hours worth of single player action due to the fact that players can play the game via three different characters perspectives.

“While each character’s story stands alone, all of the characters wind up in the same area of the game, in China, so there is a certain level of overlap. They stand on their own but they do overlap in certain areas. You don’t have to play them all, of course.”

Resident Evil 6 will be released onto the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 later this year.