Music Unlimited Now Available for the PS Vita

Music Unlimited, a Music streaming service that is currently available on the Playstation 3, has now officially arrived onto the PS Vita and the Official Playstation Blog has made a guide on how to use it.

Music Unlimited is a subscription service that allows people to create, play and share their favourite music tracks with other Music Unlimited users, not to mention people can listen to millions of songs from a variety of different artists.

Depending on which ‘package’ of Music Unlimited you subscribe to depends on what you will be able to do, for instance the basic package at £3.99 (per month) allows you to use multiple devices, Sync Music with different devices, browse channels and also gives you the ability to create your own channels to share with other users. However if you choose the £6.99 (per month) not only can you do everything that was mentioned previously but you can also use the On Demand Playback feature, which allows you to to add songs to a library.

Music Unlimited on the PS Vita allows includes all of the features included on the Playstation 3 version but also includes a unique feature that allows music to be downloaded on the PS Vita and listened to offline.

The PS Vita application, which is now available, comes with some added features that take advantage of the PS Vita’s unique capabilities, enhancing the experience and making it one of the best versions of the service available. With the Music Unlimited service on PS Vita, you can use the touch screen for easy browsing, navigation and search. You can even manage your playlists on-the-go, adding tracks from our global library of millions of songs, with automatic synching of all of your playlists and preferences across the growing list of supported devices.

The Music Unlimited app can now be downloaded from the PS Vita Store.